Seasonal fluctuation of birds in open landfill, Souk Ahras (Algeria)

Soualah Alila Hana, Noura Difi, Benhachiche Amina, Ponsero Alain


Landfills have the advantage of meeting the energy needs of the birds quickly. They offer easy access to food and widely available throughout the year. In this study, birds were counted using observation points on an open landfill in the restored of Souk-Ahras region (north-eastern Algeria) for one year from July 2013 to April 2014. Seventeen species (17) bird species belonging to eleven (11) families were found: Ciconidae, Corvidae, Accipitridae, Passeridae, Hirundinidae, Motacillidae, Columbidae, Ardeidae, Sturnidae, Laridae, and Pelecanidae, among them sedentary species, migratory, the visitors, and invasive species, which are exploiting the discharge for feeding or rest. Species richness and abundance in landfill site were found to be higher than that of naturel habitat around the site. Their abundance varied according to the seasons.landfill site support both common bird species as: Columba palumbus, Columba livia, Streptopelia decaoto, Ciconia ciconia, Corvus corax. In addition to that, rare bird species such as Pelecanus crispus. Ecology and dynamic of each species, during an annual cycle of bird’s populations allow us observing all the interactions and reactions between the individuals and the different populations of birds. Souk Ahras landfill is a resting place and a source of food for birds, which means that it needs a censuses urgency  update of migratory birds which frequent our region as well as monitor their state of health. It is also interesting to follow the process of colonization in urban Souk Ahras city.


Birds; Migratory; Biodiversity; seasonal fluctuation; Landfill; Souk Ahras; Algeria

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