Overview In order to stimulate a new dynamic in the research and production of scientific knowledge, Dr. GAOUAR Semir Bachir Suheil, Doctor at Abou Bakr Belkaid University, has set up a Review on line "Peer-Reviewed" entitled "Genetic and Biodiversity Journal (GABJ)".This journal project is aimed at a community of scientists, national and international, by publishing at regular intervals (6 months) the recent results of the research submitted to it or which it solicits. It promotes significant advances in scientific knowledge. Its objective is to structure a scientific community in well-defined disciplinary fields but also interdisciplinary. Thus, it is part of its time by accepting the articles of original results, review articles, scientific papers and short communications, as it accepts short texts of discussions on scientific and technical problems, inviting debate and asking Elements of solutions. Including volume reviews, news of major international, national and regional events, notices of publications, presentations of training or research programs, and relevant publicity in the field. Thematic issues may be considered, for example following symposia or congresses.Contacts and – for all general enquiries.

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Vol 4, No 2 (2020): GABJ-June

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Phenotypic and morphometric diversity of Indigenous Turkey (Meleagris Gallopavo) from Wilaya of Tlemcen, Northwest of Algeria PDF
Mohammed Rida Mediouni, Saidi Sara, Abdelakder Ameur Ameur, Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar 1-10
Exploitation of the common guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) in the Northern region of Cameroon PDF
Jean Massawa, Francis Djiotsa Dongmo, Felix Meutchieye 11-22
Phenotypic and genetic differentiation of qualitative traits in sheep ecotype from Cameroon Western Highlands PDF
Yannick Tadakeng Djoufack, Félix Meutchieye, Yacouba Manjeli 23-29
Phenotypic, Physiological and Blood Profile Characterization of Muscovy Ducks (Cairina moschata) In North Central Nigeria PDF
Sola-Ojo Foluke Eunice, Adeniyi Charles Adeola, Yusuf Opeyemi Akinkunmi, Abiola Great Joe-Alabi 30-39
Genetic diversity of Nigerian Indigenous Sheep breeds at the β-Lactoglobulin gene locus PDF
Abubakar Geka Rukayat, Ezewudo, Emeka Anthony, Egena Stephen Sunday Acheneje, Usman Abdulkadir 40-49
Comparative study on morphometric traits of local chicken (gallus domesticus L.) in wilaya of Adrar PDF
Abdelkader Ameur Ameur, Abdelhakim Barkaoui, Zahra Guermoudi, Ikrame Mellouk, Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar 50-59
General characteristics of goat milk cheese (Feta) in the region of Tlemcen, Algeria PDF
Ikram Djebli, Abdelkader Ameur Ameur, Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar 60-73
Yield stability and test location representativeness in foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L.) Beauv.] genotypes PDF
Manoj Kandel, Narayan Bahadur Dhami, Tirtha Raj Rijal, Jiban Shrestha 74-83

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