Vol 2, No 2 (2018)


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Biodiversity of indigenous Djallonke sheep (Ovis aries) in Sudano Guinean region in Cameroon PDF
Baenyi Patrick, Meutchieye Félix, Ayagirwe Basengere Rodrigue, Bwihangane Birindwa Ahadi, Karume Katcho, Mushagalusa Nachigera Gustave, Ngoula Ferdinand 1-10
Beekeeping features in the Cameroon Adamawa grasslands PDF
Meutchieye Félix, Ngamadjeu Djiague Dannick, Tchoumboue Joseph 11-16
Genetic diversity and origin of Namchi cattle breed inferred by matrilineage analyses PDF
Ngono Ema Patrick Jolly, Meutchieye Félix, Keambou Tiambo Christian, Manjeli Yacouba 17-25
Study of the phenotypic variation of some accessions of beans (vicia faba.l) in the wilaya of Tlemcen PDF
Madjaoui Samia, Hedeili Asmaa, Taibi Warda, Gaouar Semir Bechir suheil 26-32
Morphometric characterization and identification of sardines at the Ghazaouet station and Béni-Saf bay PDF
Hattab Mohammed, Gaouar Semir Bechir Suheil 33-40
Biofilm capability of staphylococcus strains isolated from food and the anti-biofilm activity of a chemically synthesized pyrrolomycin PDF
Cusimano Maria Grazia, Raimondi Maria Valeria, Schillaci Domenico, Nocera Piera, Cascioferro Stella Maria, Di Marco Lo Presti Vincenzo, Vitale Maria 41-46
Phenotypic characterization of local goat population in western Algeria (Wilaya of Relizane) with morphometric measurements and milk analysis PDF
BELANTAR Ibrahim, TEFIEL Hakim, Gaouar Semir Bechir Suheil 55-66

Review Article

The ongoing transition at an exponential speed from Conservation genetics to Conservation genomics PDF
Pertoldi Cino, Randi Ettore 47-54

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