Vol 3, No 2 (2019)

GABJ-January 2019

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Morphometric and biochemical characterization of old low-chilling pear cultivars (pyrus communis l.) Grown in Tunisia
Ouni Rim, Zaouay Faten, Brahem Marwa, LeBourvellec Carine, Catherine M.G.C. Renard, Mars Messaoud 1-10
Review of current knowledge in the Benin native Borgou cattle breed
Worogo SSH, Assani SA, Alabi CDA, Adjassin SJ, Azalou M, Idrissou Y Y, Youssao AKI, Alkoiret I 17-25
Assessment of the reproductive traits of Saanen, Red Maradi goats and their crossbreeding the Sudano-guinean zone of North Benin
OFFOUMON Oyéniran Thierry La Fronde, ASSANI SEIDOU Alassan, SOULE Fade, ASSOBGA Brice, BASSOSSA BAGUIMA Abdou-Mafissou, GBANGBOCHE Armand Bienvenu, ALKOIRET TRAORE Ibrahim 15-28

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