General characteristics of goat milk cheese (Feta) in the region of Tlemcen, Algeria

Ikram Djebli, Abdelkader Ameur Ameur, Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar


Goat milk, whose production is starting to develop in Algeria in recent years, has a number of advantages that even allow it to substitute cow's milk. It is a source of health benefits for humans; it contains more vitamins with a significant cheese yield than cow's milk. Our present study aims to study physicochemical, microbiological and for the first time trials of a fresh cheese (Feta) made from locally selected goat's milk in the region of Tlemcen and its 10 regions namely: Ouled Mimoun, Terny, Sebdou, Ain El houte, Remchi, Bensakrane, Maghnia, Sabra, Nedroma and Zenata. 27 goats from the local population were used for this study. The physicochemical quality (fat, density, conductivity, defatted dry extract, temperature, protein, mineral salts and lactose) of the milk sampled was measured using a LACTOSCAN Milk-Analyzer. Four flora (total germ, fecal coliform, Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella) were chosen to test the microbiological quality of the milk. The results obtained show that the good physicochemical quality of milk studied in all regions except the two regions of Nedroma and Maghnia showing a high fat content. A total absence of contaminations for the three types of fecal coliform flora, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella nevertheless for the total germs are found in all sampled regions. These results show that healthy goats hence the good practice of milking is applied during sampling. The manufacture of cheese type feta based on goat's milk was made in good conditions (raw material, hygiene, mechanical work ...) which led to a cheese of microbiological quality and nutritional and an interesting yield. The good breeding condition with a balanced diet gives a good quality of the milk and consequences of these results give an excellent forming thanks to the professional techniques of manufacturing a good feta cheese.


Milk goat, Physicochimics, Cheese; Feta; Tlemcen

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