Molecular polymorphism in dentate lavender from littoral Algerian

Gadouche Leila, Saadi Abdelkader, Zidane Azdinia


Overexploitation of plant species leads to their reduction which requires strategies for improvement and management of resources. This study aims toseek a genetic polymorphism between the different dentate lavender populations collected in the Algerian littoral. Populations of Lavandula dentata were sampled in different ecoregions. The genotypic difference between the six populations was measured by the RAPD-PCR method using 8 RAPD primers and molecular phylogeny was performed by cluster analysis. The RAPD electrophoretic diagrams of the 6 populations of Lavandula dentata showed a rate of 50.49% of polymorphic bands. The dendrogram obtained via cluster analysis allowed us to group the populations into 2 clusters with a similarity index> 68% which showed that they are genetically close despite their geographical distance.


Lavandula dentata; RAPD primer; PCR; Cluster; Genetic diversity

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