Phenotypic characterization of local goat population in western Algeria (Wilaya of Relizane) with morphometric measurements and milk analysis

BELANTAR Ibrahim, TEFIEL Hakim, Gaouar Semir Bechir Suheil


A morphological characterization of the local goat population with physicochemical analysis of milk was performed in the wilaya of Relizane. This study was conducted on 50 goats (42 does and 8 bucks) in 6 districts of Relizane. The goat farming in Relizane is mixed with sheep farming but sheep are the main purpose of the breeding for pure economical purposes (wool and meat), goats are used mainly to guide the herd during the grazing, the goats do not receive an important livestock management, their reproduction is uncontrolled and the milk is only used for family consumption. Nine qualitative and twelve quantitative variables were used to study our samples. 68 % of our samples have horns with the curved horns as the most dominant shape, the pendant ears are found at 62%, concerning the beard 52% of does and 12% of bucks have beard, whereas only 8% of does and 2% of bucks have wattles. A negative correlation of  was found between ear length (LOr) and lactose level (LACT), a negative correlation of  was found between ear length (LOr) and protein level (PROT). Principal Component Analysis (PCA) revealed that Body length (LC), Height at withers (HG), Chest circumference (TP), Chest depth (PP), Horn length (LCo) and Ear length (LOr) characterizes better our goats. The hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) by the PCA showed three distinct groups in our samples. The classification of our samples according to the ear length, from the results of the PCA, showed that ears length is a discriminative factor in our sampling. The descriptive analysis of the milk revealed that the milk is of good quality with a fat content of 47.82 g / kg, a protein content of 33.35 g / kg and lactose of 48.82 g / kg.


Goats, Local population, Goat milk, Morphometric, Relizane

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