Kerboub Youcef, Kerboub Yamina, Boulenouar Yacine


This four-year study (from April 2013 to May 2017) focuses on the inventory and updating of the geographical distribution of some endangered wild mammals in various biotopes in western Algeria. Our work has been started over the years (2013-2017) ie four years of investigation based on direct and indirect observation as well as information collected from a questionnaire and surveys conducted with indigenous populations, hunters and foresters. Our investigations carried out on this mammalian fauna, allowed us to count 14 species of carnivorous mammals, the order of Carnivores contains: the Canids where a wide distribution has been reported on the whole territory to study. The latter are represented by Canis aureus or North African wolf Canis lupus, Vulpes rupellii and Vulpes vulpes. Felids; are poorly represented in the study area. Indeed, the 03 identified species in this group are all taxa listed by subsequent studies as threatened in the region. These species are Felis libyca, Felis margarita and Felis caracal. The Hyaenidae; very low and almost nonexistent in the desert areas. This group is represented by Hyaena hyaena. Mustelids; the 05 species Mustelanivalis, Ictonyx libyca, Mellivora capensis, Lutra
lutra and Mustela putorius furo showed a very small geographical distribution. The viverrids represented by Genetta genetta are present throughout the area but in small numbers. Finally, the Herpestidae; represented by Herpestes ichneumon are present with numbers that place the species in danger and risk of extinction.


Mammals, Wild carnivores, inventory, geographical distribution, Western Algeria

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