Gaouar Semir Bechir Suheil, Meghelli Meghelli, Kaouadji zoubeyda


Molecular biology techniques are key tools for a better knowledge of the living, researchers at the level of some laboratories have developed kits to have a quality of the biological sample that meets these current requirements. Among these kits, DNA extraction kits from any type of source have been created and are generally required by different service providers in the field of molecular biology. That said, these requirements become a brake in the field of research for low-income laboratories, given their unavailability on the local market and their prices. In this sense our DNA extraction study was carried out on a camel brain tissue for a subsequent PCR study in order to have a fairly precise idea about the quality of a DNA extracted (by traditional process ) from a tissue without going through an extraction kit that costs more money, gives less DNA and with acceptable quality by the current tools of molecular biology. These new extraction methods are postulated in the form of property sold at high prices such as kits, but according to our study the technique that was used for the extraction of DNA from a tissue is reliable especially if it is used from the middle phase after grinding of the sample.


DNA extraction, molecular biology, camelids

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