Overview In order to stimulate a new dynamic in the research and production of scientific knowledge, Dr. GAOUAR Semir Bachir Suheil, Doctor at Abou Bakr Belkaid University, has set up a Review on line "Peer-Reviewed" entitled "Genetic and Biodiversity Journal (GABJ)".This journal project is aimed at a community of scientists, national and international, by publishing at regular intervals (6 months) the recent results of the research submitted to it or which it solicits. It promotes significant advances in scientific knowledge. Its objective is to structure a scientific community in well-defined disciplinary fields but also interdisciplinary. Thus, it is part of its time by accepting the articles of original results, review articles, scientific papers and short communications, as it accepts short texts of discussions on scientific and technical problems, inviting debate and asking Elements of solutions. Including volume reviews, news of major international, national and regional events, notices of publications, presentations of training or research programs, and relevant publicity in the field. Thematic issues may be considered, for example following symposia or congresses.Contacts and – for all general enquiries.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2019): GABJ-June

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Morphometric and biochemical characterization of old low-chilling pear cultivars (pyrus communis l.) Grown in Tunisia PDF
Ouni Rim, Zaouay Faten, Brahem Marwa, LeBourvellec Carine, Catherine M.G.C. Renard, Mars Messaoud 1-16
Assessment of the reproductive traits of Saanen, Red Maradi goats and their crossbreeding the Sudano-guinean zone of North Benin PDF
OFFOUMON Oyéniran Thierry La Fronde, ASSANI SEIDOU Alassan, SOULE Fade, ASSOBGA Brice, BASSOSSA BAGUIMA Abdou-Mafissou, GBANGBOCHE Armand Bienvenu, ALKOIRET TRAORE Ibrahim 32-39
Molecular polymorphism in dentate lavender from littoral Algerian PDF
Gadouche Leila, Saadi Abdelkader, Zidane Azdinia 40-48
Discriminant analysis on the morphometry of local goats breed in the western of Algeria PDF
Belkahdem Sara, Tefiel Hakim, Belantar Ibrahm, Chahbar Mohamed, Gaouar Semir Bechir Suheil 49-56
Phenotypic and morphometric diversity of local chickens (BRAHMA) from wilaya of Tlemcen, Northwestern of Algeria PDF
Bouchiba Ibtissem, Berrezoug Linda, Hedeili N, Metahri R, Ameur Ameur Abdelkader, Gaouar Semir Bechir suheil 62-69
Biometric assessment of White Fulani cattle in a semi intensive production system in Northern Cameroon using principal components analysis PDF
NgonoEma Patrick Jolly, Meutchieyé Félix, Manjeli Yacouba 60-77
Applying the GBS technique for the genomic characterization of a Danish population of European hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) PDF
Sophie Lund Rasmussen, Erika Yashiro, Elsa Sverrisdóttir, Kåre Lehmann Nielsen, Mie Bech Lukassen, Jeppe Lund Nielsen, Torben Asp, Cino Pertoldi 78-86

Review Article

Review of current knowledge in the Benin native Borgou cattle breed PDF
Worogo SSH, Assani SA, Alabi CDA, Adjassin SJ, Azalou M, Idrissou Y Y, Youssao AKI, Alkoiret I 17-31

Short Communication

Evaluation of genetic variability in Brahman cattle breed in Malaysia using microsatellite markers PDF
Haytham Hago Abdelwahid, Panandam Jothi M., Sharma Reuben .S.K., Yaakub Halimatun 57-61

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