Contribution of agroforestry to improving food security in the sagnarigu district of northern Ghana



In most sub-Sahara African (SSA) countries there are increasing demands for the use of agricultural land and forest products. This results in the deterioration of agricultural productivity and the degradation of agricultural lands. Technologies in Agroforestry (AF) have been recommended in the tropics as one of the answers to productivity and the shortage of land owing to both forestry and agricultural products as a potential of agroforestry. The rate of agroforestry technologies adoption is not promising in Ghana although interventions of agroforestry have been practiced for many years. Limited and little education on the technology’s ability to improve food security, decline poverty, and its socio-economics has led to its less adoption. This survey is however conducted in the Sagnarigu district of northern Ghana to determine the factors that influences the rate of adoption of agroforestry technologies and how agroforestry has the potential to contribute to food security. Data were collected by the use of questionnaire administration, group discussion and the use of key informants. The research revealed that there are high crop yields, available wood products for fuelwood and poles, and improved food security of households when agroforestry technologies were adopted. This research however recommends that agroforestry strategies should be used for improving food security and livelihood among the rural folks and should be strengthened.

Keywords:Adoption, Agroforestry, Technology, Food security, Livelihood.

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