Gentamicin is the best antibiotic in treatment all types of bovine mastitis caused by bacteria



In this study milk samples collected from fifity cows were examined clinically by visually and by use of pH paper to check availabilty of mastitis, types, caustive agent and effective specific antibiotic for treatment.  The results of visual and pH paper check reveald positive samples which changed in colour from yellow to green or bluish green indicating mastitis avaialbility in milk samples. Three types of mastitis were found namely Acute (27%), chronic (22%) and gangrenous (1%). Milk samples were sent to microbiology laboratory to detect the causative agent and made a senstivity test for choice the specific antibiotic for treatment. The results indicated four isolated bacteria as caustive agent which were Staphylococcus spp (24%), Bacillus spp (74%), Corynebacterium spp (1%) and Klebsiella spp (1%). From the three types of antibiotics used in treatment of mastitic cases (Ciprofloxacin, Chloramphenicol and Gentamicin) Gentamicin by injected the quarter with intrammary was  the best antibiotic in treatment of mastitis cases completely within 1-3 day after application compaired to Gentamicin only with any agonist. Further study with intesive sampling is needed to complete the picture for safe and sustainable milk production and industry.

Keywords:Chloramphenicol, Ciprofloxacin, Gentamicin, treatment, bacterial, bovine, mastitis.

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