Climate change impacts on local people livelihood and its adaptation through agroforestry in coastal district Patuakhali of Bangladesh

Mohammad Kamrul HASAN, Md. Khalid UR-RASHID, Rojina AKTER


The study was carried out in Tiakhali and Lalua unions under Kalapara Upazila at Patuakhali district of Bangladesh to explore the climate change impacts and its adaptation through agroforestry. 85 household questionnaire survey, semi-structured interviews (SSI) and participatory rural appraisal (PRA) techniques were used to collect data. The findings revealed that 86% out of 85 respondents were victim to the impacts of climate change and ‘salinity intrusion’, ‘higher temperature’, and ‘sea level rise’ were identified as three most severe impacts with the opinion of 92%, 89%, and 85% respondents, respectively. From SSI and PRA exercise found the more or less similar results. Moreover, results indicated that the respondents (89.40%) were adopted various agroforestry practices and ‘homestead agroforestry’ and ‘fishery based tree plantation’ was the prioritized agroforestry practices to combat climate change impacts. Correlation (r) analysis revealed that most of the independent variables had a positive relationship with dependent variables.

Keywords: Climate change, livelihood, PRA (Participatory rural appraisal), adaptation, agroforestry.

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