Disparity in water absorption, radial shrinkage, tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity (MOE) between the heartwood and sapwood of Afzelia africana SM. and Daniellia oliveri (Rolfe) in Makurdi, Nigeria

Emmanuel Terzungwue TEMBE, David EKHUEMELO, Blessing Ene SAMUEL


The study investigated the variation in the physical and mechanical properties of A. africana and D. oliveri wood. Factorial design of 2×2×4 in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) was used. Results showed that percentage water absorption of A. africana recorded 187.9% while D. oliveri had 160.1%. D. oliveri recorded a higher radial shrinkage of -72%. A. africana recorded a higher tensile strength of 2.61N/mm2 while D. oliveri recorded 1.81N/mm2. D. oliveri recorded significant difference with heartwood recording a higher value of 180.7% compared to the sapwood with 139.5%. The radial shrinkage of D. oliveri had higher shrinkage of -72% while heartwood was 0%. A. africana had 462N/mm2 and 223N/mm2 of MOE for heartwood and sapwood while D. oliveri recored 224N/mm2 and 218N/mm2 respectively. Heartwood of A. africana had a higher (462N/mm2) value compared to the sapwood (231.7N/mm2). The two-wood species exhibit high tensile strength and are therefore recommended for use in building purposes.

Keywords: A. africana, D. oliveri, MOE, water absorption, radial shrinkage, tensile strength.

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