Estimation of Biomass and Carbon Stocks in AbuGeili Forest, Sudan

Nasreldin Abdelrahaman GURASHI, Hassan Elamin HASSAN


Forests are the biggest carbon pool on ground. Long lived wood Biomass estimation of the forest ecosystem enables us to estimate the expanse emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).This study assesses growth, biomass, carbon (C) storage and carbon sequestration potential over two inventory period (2006 and 2016) in different age plantation. Woody species data (DBH cm and height m) collection was done by sampling listing method.The study also collected data on recent conditions of the study sites; woody plant species, structure and the carbon stock in above and blew ground carbon pools.The result of the present study revealed that mean carbon stock, above and blew ground biomass and CO2 emissions in inventory period of 2006 and 2016 were 67.4, 31.68 ton/ha and 116.16 gC/ha respectively. The study concluded that plantations have great potential for carbon sequestration. The study recommended that increasing more plantations and retaining it for a longer period of time have positive role in reducing the carbon dioxide concentrations of atmospheric.

Keywords: Carbon stock, Inventory period, CO2 absorption, AbuGeili Forest

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